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Reports Writing Technical plagiarism free

Plagiarism free technical reports Life technical Career episode Best solutions hardware and software based Electronics Reports  India / Canada / Australia / England Best solutions and practical simulation based Electrical  Reports India / canada / Australia/ England  

embedded system training ludhiana

INTRODUCTION TO MICROCONTROLLER Brief introduction INTEL, Philips, AVR, Microchip The 8051 Architecture Hardware Details 8051 Registers Memory Organization Port organization On chip Peripherals 8051 Interrupts Programming languages Programming tools And Techniques Addressing Modes Introduction to Instruction Set Arithmatic Logical Data transfer Branching Bit manuplation Introduction of Timer/counter How does a timer works How to make

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Embedded Training Ludhiana 2019

Six weeks Training & Six Months Training Program Location – Innovative Project Solutions , Gill road , Ludhiana Contact – 9888798401 Branch- Electronics/ Electrical / Computer Training Areas- Arduino 8051 AVR Atmega 16/32 PIC -16F/18F ARM Processor LPC2148 Raspberry Pi

Bladeless Vortex turbine Project

Our major project is vortex wind turbine. In this project first of all we made a 3 feet frame of angle. Then a round pipe is fitted using spring between Frame center. So that center pipe vibrate in poles if angle frame. Then we made PVC conical shaped structure and fitted on Center Pipe. In

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Major Final Year Mechanical Projects

Mechanical project- we provide components and Training to engineering students on Mechanical Hardware also.we open two new workshop specially for mechanical- one In Pathankot and another in that we can innovate new technologies in this area and can provide better services and can reduce Project material costing. we regularly work on decreasing cost of project.

Electrical Projects Without Controller

Innovative provides Simulation and Hardware based electrical projects solutions like power system, control ,Automation, Energy Sources. we provide solution also without Microcontroller Projects. Students make projects in our labs with their own hands.

Six Weeks Training Ludhiana

Innovative project solutions provides Six weeks and Six Months industrial Training to Engineering , BCA, MCA , MTech. Students. We are working in this area since 2003. 100 Surety of Satisfaction Six Months Training - FREE Six Weeks Training Fees rs. 1500 Only Register - Limited Seats

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